Keep The Bugs And Zappers Away From Food
It's picnic and backyard barbecue time, and the bugs are hungry...for you! Now research recommends that you keep electric bug zappers away for your food. Even though we haven't yet officially begun the "Frog Days of Summer", after Memorial Day Weekend, it's the summe…
10 Hilarious Barbecue ‘Fails’ for Memorial Day
As Memorial Day opens the gate to summer, we all begin to plan our outdoor activities. Most of us will find a reason to get outside for the long weekend and enjoy food, friends, family and some delicious beverages. And really, it wouldn’t be a summer holiday without some grilling.
Let’s Get Grilling
Finally! The other night, I got right under the hood and cleaned the "Splashin'" McShea family gas grill. What a job! It's my own fault, as I didn't clean it when we finished using it last November.
What Did You Do This Summer?
If you are like 72 percent of the people polled for a Rasmussen Reports survey that asked what American did this summer, your number one summer activity was going to a cookout or a barbecue. Was it? Was that your number one activity this summer? I figured that number would have been a lot higher. So…
Grilling Tips From Greg’s Grill
Now that the fourth of July holiday weekend is over, we all probably had a few rounds at the grill. Seeing that I host a request hour called "Greg's Grill", weekdays at noon on Big Frog 104, I thought I should be able to offer some grilling tips.
Grilling For The Holiday?
We'll be celebrating Independence Day on Monday, and that means for many, time to break out the grilling supplies. According to the Weber Grills GrillWatch Survey, July 4th is the "favorite" grilling holiday.
It’s Costing More To Barbecue
It seems like everything has gone up in price. Whether it's daily essentials, like soap, or nourishing food, like fruits and vegetables, we keep on shelling out more and more. And, now, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, your nice backyard barbecue is costing you almost 30 percen…