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Is Keith Urban Being Fired From American Idol Amid Major Shakeup
American Idol ratings have been on the downswing for years and this year they've hit an all time low.  Rumors are swirling, the show will undergo a major shakeup, including the firing of all four judges.  Randy, Nicki and Mariah make sense, but why fire Keith Urban, voted the best judge of all time?…
Keith Urban’s Many T-Shirts on American Idol [PHOTOS]
The week Keith Urban wore his 'I Am the Stig' t-shirt, it had everyone talking.  What is the Stig?  So I did some research to find out.  Still don't know the answer?  Find out here.  But it also got me to thinking:  Keith wears a lot of weird t-shirts on …
‘Duck Dynasty’ is Bigger Than ‘American Idol’ Now
We've gotten heavily invested in A&E's ongoing original series, with a second season of 'Bates Motel' already ordered, 'Longmire' season 2 soon to start and eventually Chloe Sevigny's 'Those Who Kill,' but it's the cable network's reality series 'Duck Dynasty' that really brings home the...well,…
American Idol Top 4 Girls Recap [VIDEOS]
How things change in such a short time.  Just a few weeks ago Candice Glover and Kree Harrison were the top 2 girls on American Idol.  After last night's performance, I won't be surprised if they are the bottom 2.

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