Esquire is paying tribute to the American man and Tad Pole joins Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson in the 'Life of Man' issue that commemorates the magazine's 80th anniversary. See photos and video of 80 accomplished men, one born in each year of Esquire's history. Young. Old. Rich. Poor. Presidents. Movie legends. Rock stars. Space babies. Now, even Radio Announcers.



You can submit a photo and become a permanent part of 'The Life of Man' too. For  every portrait submitted, Esquire will donate $1 to United Way and help support the next generation of extraordinary Americans.

In the special issue, out September 17th, the men share words of wisdom that have stuck with them over the years.

Tim McGraw: His advice came from Johnny Paycheck who looked him 'right in the eye and said, 'Son, always go hard and fast, so when you hit the ditch you can come out the other side.''

Blake Shelton: His dad's simple suggestion to 'be patient' has served him well.

Merle Haggard: His dad advised him to 'always be honest.'

Willie Nelson: His ex-father-in-law told him 'do what you want.'

Tad Pole: 'Radio 101 is knowing you may have a better idea that makes more money and is better for the listener but you don't own the place so do what you're told.'

What words of wisdom have stuck with you over the years?