Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his favorite movie quotes on Live with Kelly and Michael. Of course, they all came from his own movies. What's your favorite movie line?

Polly's Top 5 Quotes

1. Paging Dr Faggot - The Hangover
2. You had me at hello - Jerry Mcguire
3. There's no crying in baseball - A League of Their Own
4. Nobody puts Baby in a corner - Dirty Dancing
5. I'll have what she's having - When Harry Met Sally

Tadpole's Top 5 Quotes

1. I'll be back - Terminator
2. If you can learn to dodge a wrench, you can learn to dodge a ball - Dodgeball
3. You stay classy San Diego - Ron Burgundy (since he can't say the other line)
4. That's my bad. I was sending a tweet - Ted
5. Hey, how's it going Eisenhower - Stripes

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