A new children's book features Tad & Polly.  Who knew we looked so cute in animation.  We're the parents of the main character Todd, who gets lost on the Atunyote golf course.

The book was written by Robert Todd, the Director of Golf at Turning.  RT as he's known to his friends, spent years creating characters, taking pictures of the golf course and weaving the tale of 'Fore Your Family: From Todd the Frog.'

Todd the Frog gets lost on the Atunyote golf course, which is under construction and has to find his way back to his family. He meets several characters on the course and they help him get back to his family by following the sound “FORE”!

The inspiration behind the book actually came from RT's daughter Madeline who was separated from her father when she and her mom moved from California to New York.  'During a visit we went to church where she drew a picture of a frog.  When I asked her what the frog's name was and what he was doing, she replied 'Todd the Frog is trying to find his family.'

RT has been sketching characters for the book since the day he was inspired in church.  It not only features Todd the Frog, but his parent Tad & Polly and a special friend.  'Todd also has a friend that travels with him on every page that you have to find which is a ladybug.'

There's a special section of RT's daughter, 'On the back cover it tells you the story of how I got separated from Madeline.  It's just a way to tell her I missed her and I love her.  She's really proud of the book.'

The book is available at your golf pro shop on online at ToddtheFroggolf.com.  It makes a great gift for golfing families.