We have all bit off more than we could chew at some point in our life.  I don't think we have ever had a bigger mouth full than the day we decided we would build our own deck.  Maybe that should read, "could build our own deck."  But that was before we met Curtis Lumber.

As the saying goes, "we didn't know, what we didn't know."  Is the deck supposed to be attached to the house?  What would it look like if we did benches? or railings?  And that was before we hit the really hard questions, "now, how does this bracket go on?"  And don't get me started on "stain it???"

It was so bad we didn't even attempt to do 2 smaller decks on the other sides of the house.  But now that we met Jim Brady and Julie West at Curtis Lumber in Waterville, it's "game on."

Check out the video below as Jim shows us the options on Trex Decking.  Polly comes from a family of decorators, so the majority of time was spent on the vast amount of colors and styles.  Julie then showed us a 3-D computer design of decks to our specifications.  Including how to build it around a pool or hot tub.  The colors, the designs and styles are endless.  And it also gives you the paperwork you need for the building permit.

And by the way, DO NOT attach it to the house.

Get more details about decks and all the options at any of Curtis Lumber's locations.