Replacing a shower door seems simple enough.  But my weekend project began about 5 weeks ago in trying to replace a small leak occurring with our shower door.  It ended with a stiff back, a wet cat and maybe a shower door that doesn't leak.


All we really need to do is replace this door seal. That should be easy enough. However no one seems to carry that "little rubber thing" that stops the water from running out of the shower, or 'sweeps' as us guys in the know call it.  It looks like online shopping is the answer.  Simple enough, what size?  Oh I don't know about half inch.  Now we wait for the mail man.


week 2:


Mailman cometh and lo and behold, I guess that wasn't half inch.  This is stupid, there has to be something locally I can get.  Back to the store, storm door seal looks about the same.  I can use this and just cut it to fit.  Just loosen up a screw on the trim, it'll slide right in.  It slides right in alright, and falls right back out.  The screw won't go back in, the trim now flops around and the small leak is now a waterfall.


week 3:



So now this 3.99 seal is going to cost 200 bucks? Alright, I should be smarter than this.  Two trips back to the hardware store, because I forgot the measurements the first time.  We should be in business now.  Oh wait, you have a MODULAR home?  Those doors are completely different.  We don't carry those.  By now I'm crabbier than the people working in the returns department.


week 4:


Townsquare Media

Boy you know, we don't get many weekends like this in Central New York.   We can just cram a towel in there and that'll catch most of the water.


week 5:


Townsquare Media

Back to the internet, and here's a place in Oriskany Falls has just what I'm looking for. Now this project is ready to roll! All I need is a screwdriver.  A couple of more trips to the shed for a different screwdriver.

These holes don't line up, looks like I'll need to do some drilling.  You know both batteries for the cordless drill are dead.  Now that has to be caulked, run to the store for caulking. Okay, clean the surface with a wet damp cloth.  Did the cat just fall in the sink full of water? You know it!  And sent screws and pieces flying while jumping out.  There's no picture available, because if I could have gotten that close to the cat..



5 weeks, 7 hours later this project is done. Does it leak? Don't know yet, waiting 24 hours for the caulk to dry. And Polly Wogg wonders why I'm having a nap when she gets home