I know Halloween was a few days ago, but hey the internet has been slow.  Have you seen this video of a supposed ghost caught on video at a hotel?  The really spooky part for me anyway, I stayed at this hotel earlier this year.  Watch the surreal video and tell us whether you think it's real or fake.

The story as reported by WESH-TV, is The Historic Resort and Plaza Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida.  A place we just happened to vacation at this past February.  Employees of the hotel have reported cold spots, giggling and jingling keys when there was no one around.  

The news story also reports a man jumped to his death from the hotel balcony and when the camera pans to the spot, IT'S THE ROOM WE STAYED IN!  I am not making this up. Every time I stepped on that balcony I was so overcome with a sense of dread and uneasiness I refused to go out there.  Although it may explain the very inexpensive rate we got.