Since it's bring your son or daughter to work day, Tad and I had Shayna join us for the morning show.

The hardest part was waking Shayna up so she'd be here by 6am. Tad had to wake her up before he left at 3:30. I woke her again before I left at 4. Shayna's philosophy is "it's easier to ease into getting up that early."

She arrived on time but came in complaining about having to get up. "Who in their right mind gets up this early."

In between taking selfies and Snapchat we put Shayna to work, asking listeners the 'Are You Smarter Than Polly ' question, which by the way she wasn't. But she was close, saying more than half of us 'eat' on the couch. The answer was 'eat ice cream.'

Knowing who Kris Kristofferson is and how to say his name was a bigger problem, proving our younger generation isn't familiar with the country legends.

Since I NEVER remember the sponsors, Shayna was in charge or reading those too. Although some she didn't do because 'there were too many words.'

When I was young, every day was bring your child to work day. My brother and I  painted with my dad every summer.  Tad lived on a farm so he worked alongside his parents too.

Have you ever brought your child to work?

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