Have you heard about Arby's new 'Meat Mountain' sandwich? It's every meat Arby's serves, with 2 pieces of cheese, stacked high between a bun. It's HUGE and Tad and I wanted to give it a try.

Since the $10 sandwich isn't on the menu, some don't even know it exists, including the girl at the Utica Arby's. The ‘Meat Mountain’ is a campaign to show Arby’s sells more than just roast beef. When people saw the sign, just like I did, people started coming in and asking, ‘Can I have that?‘ Just like I did.

Just what’s on the ‘Meat Mountain?’

2 chicken tender
1.5 oz. of roast turkey
1.5 oz. of ham
1 slice of Swiss cheese
1.5 oz. of corned beef
1.5 oz. brisket
1.5 oz. of Angus steak
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1.5 oz. roast beef
3 half-strips of bacon

Despite what Tad thinks, I COULD fit the whole thing in my mouth, but there's NO WAY I could eat the whole thing.  We split the sandwich and were both stuffed!

The 'Meat Mountain' isn't for the faint at heart or anyone maintaining a health heart. It has 1200 calories and 48 grams of fat.

Since the sandwich that wasn't a sandwich has gone viral, whoever the first Arby's employee was to say 'sure I can get you that' after a customer saw the sign, deserve a raise and a promotion.