Better late than never.  7 years after scratching off a $5 million winning lottery ticket, Robert Miles is getting his money. 

Miles bought the winning ticket in 2006, but when he tried cashing it in, the store owners, Andy and Nayel Askar, told him it was only worth $5 thousand. When the Askar brothers tried cashing the ticket in themselves in 2012, the lottery commission began an investigation.  Andy Askar was charged with fraud and sentenced to up to 25 years in prison.

Now, according to, the commission has agreed to pay the original winner, Robert Miles, the full $5 million.

Massachusetts Man Wins $30 Million Lottery After Being Dumped

Talk about sweet revenge. A week after being dumped by his girlfriend, a Massachusetts man hit the jackpot. Sandeep 'Sunny' Singh won a $30.5 million prize from the Mega Millions. He'll walk away with nearly $16.1 million after taxes.