Supermodel and ESPN Swimsuit Edition cover girl Chrissy Teigen was in Los Angeles on Tuesday to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Dodgers game. One thing is for sure, she did a heck of a lot better than 50 Cent did when he threw out his first pitch at a Mets game. Not only did Chrissy throw a good pitch, she did it while drunk! How do I know this?

Yeah, her dad was responsible for the good pitch and the drunkenness. Those tweets were from the day of the game.

See The Great Throw Here:

Now that's how you do it 50 Cent!

Do You Remember The Infamous 50 Cent Pitch?

Yeah pretty embarrassing! Not only was Chrissy looking gorgeous in her Dodgers jersey and shorts, she definitely proved her athleticism. Although she did great at the game that day, she wasn't doing so great the day after.

Margaritas will do that to you.