You buy a coach at the Salvation Army for $20. When you get it home, you discover $40,000 hidden inside. What do you do?

SUNY New Paltz students faced that dilemma. Geology student Reese Werkhoven, and her friends Cally Guasti and Lara Russo found the cash in envelopes with a woman's name on it. 'We had a lot of moral discussions about the money but we all agreed we had to bring the money back to whoever it belonged to. It’s their money– we didn’t earn it,' Russo told The Little Rebellion, who first reported the story.

After a long discussion and phone calls to parents, the three decided to find the woman and return the money. She was so grateful, she gave them $1000 reward.

But why was the money in the couch? It was savings her husband gave her for when he passed. The woman had been saving it for 30 years. The couch was donated to the Salvation Army after the woman had a back operation and was rehabilitating. Her family bought a new bed instead.

Thank God for good hearted people. Their parents must be so proud of the responsible adults they've grown into.