Everyone needs to get away.  Every year Tadpole & I like to spend a week at a beach house in Emerald Isle North Carolina.  It's right across the road from the ocean, which makes it convenient to get to the beach every day.

Since Tadpole isn't much of a beach person, we did get in a couple rounds of golf.  We hit the course early before it hit 90 degrees, which kept the afternoon open to sit in a lawn chair on the beach and soak up the sunshine.  I'm pretty sure I beat him on the golf course both days, although he probably won't admit it.

We also both managed to walk the beach almost every morning to watch the sun rise and shell hunt.  There were a few mornings a storm was rolling through and it wasn't safe to head out.  When you see the fisherman leaving to find safety, its a good bet you should too.  Luckily the few storms that passed through, did so quickly so the whole day wasn't wasted.

The animals at the beach have no fear. We had a family of deer visit our front yard every night.  They hardly gave us a second glance.  A dog even ran into the yard to get a closer look but the deer didn't even move.  Then there are the seagulls.  Don't FEED them.  They won't go away.  A chip accidentally blew into the sand and a horde of gulls surrounded us immediately.  At one point I looked around and we were surrounded.  I had the bright idea to draw them down the beach by feeding them.  I'm lucky they didn't dive bomb or poop on me.

The one time Tadpole did make it down to the beach he almost lost his hat in the waves.  He didn't lose his beer though.  You gotta have your priorities straight.

Check out all the pictures from our vacation.  We're already counting the days until next year.