Here's some advice if you're making travel plans this year. A new study has figured out the SMARTEST time to book your flights. And they're pretty easy to remember. Check 'em out.

--The best time to book a domestic flight is exactly SEVEN WEEKS in advance. That's when the price will be the lowest.

--The best time to book an international flight is THREE MONTHS beforehand.

--The best time to book a trip for a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas is about 13 to 14 weeks in advance.

--If you want to fly somewhere last minute, think international, not domestic. International tickets are more likely to go DOWN in price the day or two before the flight . . . domestic tickets are more likely to go WAY UP.

--And it doesn't matter what day of the week you book, but it WILL save you money to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday..

Source: Yahoo Finanace