Getting accepted into your first choice college is a huge accomplishment, but for this Louisiana High School Graduate getting his acceptance into Cornell University is everything.

Brendon Gauthier is planning to become a Veterinarian after college, but first he needed to be accepted to his first choice - Cornell.

In the video below, you can watch as Brendon finds out his dream is about to come true.

But the best part is watching his teachers and peers react as he finds out he's been accepted.

Speaking with the Cornell Daily Sun, Brendon said it was about more than just getting into college.

“What’s not in there is me crying,” he said. “As soon as I got to my family, I immediately just broke down. Whenever I saw them, I saw my history — I saw my life throughout 17 years and all the trials and tribulations that I went through.”

He said he thought of his mother, who pushed him to be as focused on his schoolwork as he could possibly be.

“If I didn’t want [a good grade] for myself, I damn sure wanted it for my mom,” Gauthier said. “If I don’t succeed, then I’m letting her down. … That’s what’s always fueled my drive: to get my family in a better situation.”

Brendon will be attending the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell in the Fall of 2017, and said the close-knit student body was one of the most important factors in his choice.

“That’s the type of environment I want,” he said. “I saw the family-like aspect of it. That’s something that I hold near and dear to my heart.”

He says his high school has the same type of closeness and that was a big deal when selecting a college. In fact, he isn't the first student at his school to be filmed reading an acceptance letter. The school traditionally post students' acceptance videos on social media.

“The entire student body comes around, and good, bad or ugly we’re there,” he said. “That family aspect is a key foundation within the school. [If] I’d gotten denied, they would’ve been there.”

For now, Brendon is hoping that his video can inspire other students to reach for their dreams and strive to achieve their goals.

“Throughout my life, coming from where I’m from, I didn’t have a lot of collegiate role models,” Gauthier said. “I want my video to motivate that next kid, even if he’s not African-American. I want that video to inspire him to say, ‘education can take me to where I want to go.’”

In the video, you can see Brendon is already rocking his Cornell gear.

Best of luck Brendon!

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