I don't know what's more embarrassing, the limp or having the need to explain why I'm limping.  And it when it's something as obvious as a limp, everyone wants to know, what happened?  Do you make up something or go with the truth?

Juriah Mosin/ThinkStock

A friend stopped by for a visit to the "man cave" Monday night and we watched the 2nd half of the Skins-Browns game.  Somewhere along the time "Johnny Football" was flying the bird and running for his life, I stood up quickly and snap, the knee went a different direction.

I've tried the "football injury" angle and even "I was fighting a wild boar on #6 at Heron Creek Golf Club."  They both seem more manly than "I stood up wrong."  The truth can really make you look stupid.

Ever injure yourself in a truly embarrassing way?  Help save my dignity and share your story below.