Most of us do ketchup on the hot dog or mustard on a cheeseburger or some version thereof.  But for some, it's out of the ordinary when it comes to enhancing our food.  For me, I love BBQ chips on my ham sandwich.  Another family member does Doritos on peanut butter and jelly.   How about you?  Click and share your odd condiments.

They say a lot of your habits and tastes are born from childhood.  I can remember having ham sandwiches that had a BBQ flavoring added to each slice.  I never been able to find it since, so I concocted the chip version.


Preparation is the key to creating this masterpiece.  The chips MUST go between the ham and then you have to mash the sandwich together with your palm to flatten it. Share your odd condiment choices below.

Polly's odd choice is a cheese sandwich.  Just a cheese slice with mayo between two pieces of bread.  When she was a kid and found a cheese sandwich in her lunch, it meant they were out of lunch meat and it was time to go to the grocery store.  Drenching her bacon in maple syrup is another weird combination she enjoys. Must be a Canadian thing.