The Sterling's Renaissance Festival is in danger of not opening this summer so the owner is turning to the public for help to save the Faire. They are $300,000 short of the $1 million it takes each season to operate and need to raise the funds before July 4th.

A plea is posted at 'Due to changes in bank regulation, the lending sources that have kept our Faire running for decades have been revoked. Private sources that provided essential opening capital last year are unavailable. We are asking all our faithful followers, past and present, to make a one-time contribution of $100 to the Sterling, NY Performing Arts Center, and as a thank you for your support, each $100 contribution will receive two free tickets to the festival.' Over $9,000 has been raised so far.

The Festival which has been running for almost 40 years, employs over 1000 artists and performers each season.

Would you contribute to keep the Festival open? Some people have voiced their concerned about exactly where their donations would go and why it's really needed.