Bullying in school is a problem nationwide and I was motivated to 'stand up' after watching ABC's 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition.' The Walker family lost their 11 year old son.  He killed himself after being bullied at school every day.  Instead of letting the tragedy get the family down, mom used her story to bring attention to a growing problem.  And the Extreme Makeover team used her message to create a new initiative to 'Stand Together.'  Everyone is encouraged to take the pledge to stop bullying and upload their own picture at the Stand Together website.

Vicky White/Town Square Media

Since I was bullied, made fun of and called names when I was a kid, I felt compelled to take the pledge and spread the word.  And I'm not the only one jumping on board.  The Kardashian sisters, Demi Lovato, several players from the Boston Bruins hockey team and Boston Celtic NBA star Ray Allen have all taken the pledge too.  Even Sesame Street's Big Bird and Elmo are 'Standing Together.'  The goal is to reach 1 million pledges.  So let's all 'Stand Together' and put a stop to bullying, so another family does not have to deal with what the Walker family suffered.