On this day in history one of the most controversial songs ever, hit #1.  Not controversial from a lyrical standpoint, but because you couldn't get away from it.  Today in 1992, every radio and TV was playing "Achy Breaky Heart." Did you love it or hate it?  Are there other songs that you don't like despite the rest of the world loving them?"Achy Breaky Heart" topped the charts world wide, sold millions of copies and was at the forefront of the 90's line dance explosion.  Then to throw more fuel on the fire, there was a "Chipmunks Version."  The masses loved it, then learned to hate it.

Of more recent times, there was the 'Friday' song by Rebecca Black, 'Gangnam Style' by Psy, and the 'Cups' thing.  What would you add to the list?  Tell us at the bottom.  And if you dare, check out the video for 'Achy Breaky' Heart below.