American Idol has been on so long, we're now seeing second generation Idol hopefuls.

Tristen Langley

The son of Nikki McKibbin, who placed third on the first season, auditioned for his golden ticket. 15 year old Tristen Langley made it Hollywood, but will he follow in moms footsteps, making the Top 30?  He'll make the people who've watched Idol since it began, feel old.

Spencer Lloyd

Spencer Lloyd will have the ladies votes this season.  The 19 year-old had JLo's vote as soon as she looked into his beautiful eyes. Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. needed to hear his audition before sending him through to Hollywood.

T.K. Hash

T.K. Hash may look and sound like President Obama, but he can sing too.  His audition even had Keith singing along.

John Fox

John Fox may not look like the next American Idol but he sounds like it.  His audition of 'To Make You Feel My Love' made the judges feel like they needed to hear more, sending him to Hollywood.

Emmanuel Zidor

Emmanuel Zidor walked into the audition room singing on all fours. It was an unusual way to get the judges attention, but it worked. Despite being told by his teacher he'd never make it, Zidor sailed through to Hollywood.

Briana Oakley

Briana Oakley proves if at once you don't succeed, try again. She made it to Hollywood before being cut last season. She has a chance to go further this season after getting another golden ticket.

Auditions continue as American Idol heads to Detroit where Ethan Harris tried out.  Tune in to Fox next Wednesday night at 8 to see if he makes it through to Hollywood to join Kaitylyn Jackson of Norwich who received her golden ticket on the Idol premiere. From this sneak peek, it looks like things went well.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.

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