We have turned over a new leaf on the Big Frog afternoon show.  We've gone educational with our Word of the Day at 3:15.  From this day forward, we'll be offering "sniglets" as a way to broaden our exposure to modern language.  What are sniglets?  Rich Hall from Saturday Night Live and Not Necessarily The News TV shows, popularized "sniglets."  They're words that aren't in the dictionary, but should be.  Check out Rich's collection of supermarket sniglets in the video.

Today's word for the Rewards Club is aeropalmics, "the study of wind resistance conducted by holding your hand out the window of a moving car."  Saw a lot of that today during the lunch run.  Are you a Rewards Club member?  It's free to join and a great way to get rewarded for just listening to Big Frog.  Bonus chances at concert tickets, cash and more.  Get details here.