I'm sure we've all seen a skateboarder do some kind of crazy trick risking life and limb. Maybe you even have a son or daughter who has scared the heck out of you with some dangerous skateboard maneuver. Just think how Egil Gunnar of Iceland's parents must feel watching him pull off this trick!

All I can say is, why? I know a lot of kids enjoy skateboarding but risking serious injury for the sake of a quick thrill seems pretty dumb. But then again, I'm getting old.



Watch These Kids Pull Off Some Great Trick Football Plays - Daily Distraction

Every kid wants to pull off a great flea-flicker, or a triple-reverse, or the infamous Annexation of Puerto Rico. And sometimes, it actually works. The whole "Wrong ball, coach!" move might be a little dirty, sure, but it's not like anyone gets hurt. As for the rest, they're all just good fun.