A group called World Information Tracking is putting out a list of The 50 Shows That Changed TV. It doesn't just cover the U.S,  the shows were successful internationally, and had an impact on TV worldwide.

They chose one show for every year from 1963 and 2012. The list is being released in parts. So far they've released shows from the '60s throug the '90s. Here's a rundown of the most popular ones:

--1964: "Jeopardy"

--1965: "The Dating Game"

--1966: "Star Trek"

--1968: "Columbo"

--1969: "Sesame Street"

--1972: "The Price Is Right"

--1973: "The Young & the Restless"

--1975: "Wheel of Fortune"

--1976: "Family Feud"

--1978: "Dallas"

--1983: 'The Thorn Birds'

--1987: 'The Bold & The Beautiful'

--1989: 'The Simpsons'

--1991: 'Rugrats'

--1992: 'The Real World'

--1993: 'Beavis & Butthead'

--1994: 'Friends'

--1997: 'Survivor'

--1998: 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'

--1999: 'Big Brother'

Do agree with the list and what shows from 2000 and 2010 do you think changed TV?