What's going on?

Long Lake Polar Plunge
What better way to wrap up 2018 then by taking the 'Feeling Long Lakey' Polar Plunge.
Stoneyard Brewing Company
Stoneyard Brewing Company is bringing something new to taps and stores near you in CNY. The IPA beer lovers have been enjoying at the Brockport pub for 10 years
Dry Pet Food Recalled
The FDA is alerting pet owners and vets about recalls of several dry dog foods after receiving complaints that dogs experienced vitamin D toxicity.
Brightest Comet of the Year
This Christmas you'll see more than Santa and his 8 tiny reindeer in the night sky. The brightest comet of the year is passing by too.
PETA's Pig Headed Idea
Holy cow! Of all the pig headed things you'll hear, this will really get your goat. PETA's harebrained idea is for people to stop using anti-animal phrases.