What's going on?

Tampon Recall
Tampons from the last 2 years are being recalled after reports of them falling apart and even leaving pieces inside you.
Viral Warning to CNY Shoppers
A warning about several strange men approaching people while shopping in central New York is going viral on Facebook.
Julia Roberts Headline Typo
Big mistake. Big. Huge. That's what happened with a New York newspaper headline about Julia Roberts that went viral.
Stoneyard Brewing Company
Stoneyard Brewing Company is bringing something new to taps and stores near you in CNY. The IPA beer lovers have been enjoying at the Brockport pub for 10 years
Brightest Comet of the Year
This Christmas you'll see more than Santa and his 8 tiny reindeer in the night sky. The brightest comet of the year is passing by too.