What's going on?

Upstate NY Dog Attack
An upstate New York mother wants the dog that attacked her 3 year-old son to be put down.
Polio Like Disease Possibly Hits CNY
The polio-like disease spreading across the U.S. is hitting close to home. A child treated at a central New York hospitals may have been infected.
Mild Winter Predicted for Central New York
We could be in store for a mild Winter in central New York. The weather outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is calling for above-average temperatures.
Crazy Wind Surfer on Lake Ontario
There's crazy and then there's this guy! On the coldest night of the season so far, a wind surfer took on the angry waves of Lake Ontario.
Salmonella Outbreak
A widespread Salmonella outbreak has hit 29 states, including New York, infecting close to 100 people. It's linked to raw chicken but the CDC and the USDA don't know from where.
6 New York Cities Among Rattiest
The number of New York cities with rats continues to grow. Six places made the annual Top 50 Rattiest Cities this year, 3 in central New York.
Morgan Wallen Heading To Albany
If you like the son "Up Down" well see the man behind it in concert. Morgan Wallen is coming back to Upstate New York and taking a trip to Albany.