The looks on the 'American Idol' judges faces says it all.  Who I thought were the best 3 singers of the night, Joshua Ledet, Elise Testone and Jessica Sanchez were the in the bottom three.  The judges were stunned, the audience was stunned and I'm sure most of America was too.  Ryan Seacrest sent Joshua to safety, leaving Elise and Jessica in the bottom too.  What?!  Elise, the best from the night before and Jessica, the girl who has been predicted to win it all.

To the surprise of everyone, Jessica was the one with the least amount of votes and in danger of going home.  But to the surprise of no one, the judges immediately used their save.  They even went up on stage and cut Jessica off as she began to sing for her life.

After using their save Randy Jackson called Jessica the best singer in the country and reminded voters 'Idol' is about finding the best singers.  The only one who wasn't shocked was Jessica.  She said she didn't 'expect anything' and 'whatever happens, happens.'  Great attitude!

American Idol returns next Wednesday, April 18th, as the Top7 take the stage again starting at 8pm on Fox.