Shania Twain has stayed out of the spolight since the end of her marriage to Mutt Lange.  She finally opened up to Oprah about the break-up, the affair, her music career and the loss of her best friend to her husband.

She says her world crumbled around her, all in the span of 24 hours.

Shania now understands her marriage was on the road to ruin and she can live with that.  She can't live with how it was ruined

Shania hasn't released any new music or sung in public since the divorce because her voice wouldn't let her.

Oprah always has a surprise or two up her sleeve.  And since this is her last season, you know the surprises are really good.  She and Shania made the audiences day.

Shania's autobiography "From This Moment On" is on store shelves if you want to read her honest and open story of her life.  If missed her on Oprah, you can watch clips from the show at Oprah's website