It's the day parents wait all summer for.  The first day of school and the first day of peace and quiet, at least for a few hours.  Take a look at all these local kids heading off for their big day.  Thanks to all the moms, dads and grandparents who shared their adorable pictures.

Jill & Torri McAdams - Rockbridge Illinois (My grandkids)

Kim McAdams

Maddison Nash - 1st Grade in Kingston Ontario (My Neice)

Jamie Nash

Cameron & Caleb Brown - Canada

Rebecca Brown

Makenzie Ray Lancaster - Pre-K in North Carolina

William Cowles

Sophia Spiwak - Pre-K at Utica Schools

Chris Spiwak

Dylan Cone Kindergarten

Mark Cone

Bri Tedesco - Kindergarten at Conkling

Jessica Tedesco

Gaudio Family in Herkimer

Bonnie Gaudio

Jacob & Justin Fisher at Stokes Elementary

Jamie Fisher

Jaden - Kindergarten at New York Mills

Kristi Clifford

Addison Santmier - 1st Grade at West Canada Valley

Shelly Santmier

Bobby Richie - 4th Grade at Oriskany

Robert Richie

Logan St Thomas - Kindergarten at Westmoreland

Traci Uscier-St Thomas

Patrick St Thomas - 2nd Grade at Westmoreland

Traci Uscier-St Thomas

Zoey & Izzy Brownrigg - 1st Grade at Central Valley

Shawna Ingraham-Brownrigg

Brody Brownrigg - Kindergarten at Central Valley

Shawna Ingraham-Brownrigg

Lonnie & Kathryne Etter at Whitesboro

Lonnie Etter

Ella Grace Winters - Kindergarten at McConnelsville

Heather Houseman

Jake Miller - Pre-K in Poland

Karen Hanen Miller

Jared Miller - 1st Grade at Poland

Karen Hansen Miller

Ashlee Kowiatek - 1st Grade Sauquoit

LaceyDesirae Kowiatek

Hannah Streeter - 4th Grade at Notre Dame

Jamie Streeter

Lorenzo Bates - Headstart

Tammy Jean Bates

Abigail, Braden & Morgan James

Keith James

Back-To-School Driving Safety

Most area kids will be going back to class this week, and that means that all of us have to drive extra carefully. As you may know, drivers must come to a complete stop on both sides of the street when school buses are flashing red lights.