Get your mind out of the gutter.  A survey of happily married couples conducted by Headwater Travel, the UK's top ranked travel company, found time together and time apart were keys to happy, long lasting relationship.  The survey also revealed a good argument once a week was important too.  (My wife and I have that one covered and then some.)  Click read more for additional findings from the survey.  And yes it's in there and more than once a week.








Additional findings from the survey of 2,000 happily married couples.

  • Vacations, twice a year.
  • Short breaks, twice a year.
  • Say “I love you,” nine times every two weeks.
  • Kiss, six times a week.
  • Cuddle, 11 times every two weeks.
  • Have sex, two times a week.
  • Deep and meaningful conversation, two times a week.
  • Dinner out, three times a month.
  • Drinks out, three times a month.
  • Healthy argument, once a week.
  • Boys/girls’ night out without partner, twice a month.
  • Surprise romantic gesture, three times a month.
  • Movie night at home, five times a month.