The sounds of a helicopter in the skies above Marcy and the rustling of rescue crews searching through the tall grasses of an open field in Marcy can be heard as the search for missing Baby Levon Wameling continues today.

Sergeant Steve Hauck with the Utica Police Department describes the thirty-acre field where they are looking as densely wooded.  Forest Rangers, Oneida County Sheriffs, the Maynard Fire Department, Whitestown Police, and State Police are assisting the Utica Police with the search.

Search efforts in Utica concluded last week with no results.

Sergeant Steve Hauck says the most recent leads have pointed to the field behind the Maynard Fire House on Church Road.

The area is full of dense bruch and the Utica Police Department is getting assistance.

He adds that dozens of officers and emergency personnel are involved in the search.

Baby Levon has been missing since late May.

Hauck says they will keep searching until they find Baby Levon.

Story by: Jim Rondenelli and Kristine Bellino