Scotty McCreery may be a new artist, but's he's already showing he's a pro.  During Game One of the World Series, a technical glitch forced him to start singing the 'Star Spangled Banner' twice.  There is about 13 seconds of silence after he's introduced.  You see his lips are moving but hear nothing.   He started a second time and killed one of the toughest songs to sing, especially when you're nervous. 

Scotty admitted to before his performance, he was 'nervous as all get out' because 'this is huge.  This is the beggest stage in baseball.'   

It looks like MLB is sticking with the country theme.  Trace Adkins will sing the national anthem for Game Two tonight in St Louis.  Ronnie Dunn posted on his website, he'll be up for Game Three in Texas on Saturday.  Both games air on Fox, with coverage starting at 7:30pm each night.