Scotty McCreery and a few of his friends were in Raleigh, North Carolina on Monday at which time they were held at gun point. Scotty is still a student at North Carolina University at Raleigh and he was visiting friends in the apartment that was broken into. According to a report by WTVD in Raleigh,

three armed people came into the home and took wallets, cash, and electronic items before fleeing. No one was hurt.

The report goes on to say,

In a 911 call released by police, one of the people in the apartment told an operator "they took everything we have."

"They were like 'Get down. Get on the floor and give us everything you got,'" said the caller.

The caller said the robbers told the group to count down from 100 before they were allowed to get up.

It seems like Scotty was addressing the incident with one of his most recent tweets:

We wish the best for Scotty and his friends and hopefully Raleigh police can track down whoever did this and bring them to justice.