The top 5 on American Idol sang two songs for 'Then & Now' week.  Scotty McCreery rocked the stage with Montgomery Gentry's "Gone."  He owned the stage and rocked the crowd.  It was a side of Scotty we haven't seen, and I loved it.

For his second song, Scotty chose Elvis' "Always On My Mind," also done by Willie Nelson.  He went from rockin' it out to slowing it down and showing his softer side.  I doubt after those two performances, Scotty will be going anywhere this week

Lauren Alaina also rocked it out with Carrie Underwood's "Flat On The Floor."  Although it's a song I haven't heard, I thought she did a great job with it.

Lauren also slowed things down for her second song.  She blew me away with the Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody."  She even put her country flair on the song.  Her version was a beautiful as she looked.  Amazing!  I wonder if former Idol judge Simon Cowell approved, since it's favorite song.  I doubt Lauren is going anywhere this week either.

The moment of the night came from Haley Reinhart who struggled with her first song.  She choose an unreleased song from Lady Gaga that the judge didn't think the audience would connect with since it wasn't recognizable.  She redeemed herself with her second choice.  She received a standing ovation from the judge with "The House of the Rising Sun" from The Animals.  Even if you're not a Haley fan, you got to admit she gave one of the best performances of the season last night.

The touching moment of the night came from James Durbin.  He, of course rocked it out for the first tune.  But his second choice of "Without You" from Harry Nilsson brought tears to Jennifer Lopez's eyes.  In rehearsals, James could barely make it through the song.  He managed to keep his emotions in check and made it through the song.  James proves each week he's worth paying to go see in concert.  He'll have a big career, no matter what happens on Idol.  Although many beleive he'll win this year.

Jacob Lusk didn't do himself any favors after being in the bottom the last few week with his first song selection.  He chose a duet with past Idol winner Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, and sang both parts.  As Randy Jackson likes to say, it was "pitchy" and just plain weird.  But he made a comeback with his version of "Love Hurts" from Nazareth.  Even though it's a rock song, Jacob managed to make it, well, Jacob.  But the question is, was it enough?  I don't think so and believe he'll be the one heading home tonight.

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum will finally get her time on the Idol stage tonight.  She tried out, not once but twice for the FOX show and never made it to the judges.  The trio is the musical guest on tonight's elimination show at 8.  Maybe she should sing Toby's "How Do You Like Me Now."

Scotty and Lauren probably don't have anything to worry about tonight, but Jacob on the other hand could be singing his swan song.  Who do you think is going home?