The Top3 took on 3 songs on American Idol, while being mentored by Beyonce.  Round one was songs of each contestants choice.  Scotty McCreery had the honor of kicking the night off and chose, Lonestar's "Amazed."  Randy Jackson praised Scotty for his great song choice. 

Round two was songs chosen by Jimmy Iovine, who has been working with the contestants since the start.  He picked Thompson Square's "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" for Scotty, who nailed the song and the performance.  Randy gave him one of the greatest compliments of the season, comparing him to Garth Brooks.

In round three is was the judges choice.  They picked Kenny Roger's "She Believes In Me."

Lauren Alaina went with Faith Hill's "Wild One" for her song choice.   Jennifer Lopez told her she attacked the song and should do that with every song

Jimmy Iovine's choice was  The Band Perry's "If I Die Young."  Although she missed a chord change, Lauren nailed the song.

The judges went with LeAnn Womack's "I Hope You Dance," a song, I'll admit, isn't one of my favorites.  That is until Lauren put her own spin on it.  Jennifer Lopez said she won round three before Haley even sang.

Haley Reinhart picked a Led Zeppelin song called "What Is and What Should Never Be."  The vocals were right on the money but her feet failed her.  She tripped and fell on her way back up the stairs and still managed to keep going.

Jimmy chose "Rihannon" by Fleetwood Mac.  Steven Tyler said she reminded him of why he fell in love with Stevie Nicks.

The judges went with the raspy Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know."

The judges gave round one to Haley, round two to Scotty and round three to Lauren.  So who is going home?  If you look at YouTube and compare the viewers, Haley has the most, followed by Scotty and then Lauren.  But is her fan base big enough to beat the voters in Scotty and Lauren's corner?  There is no denying Haley has a killer voice, but her attitude has turned many people off.  And country music is the most popular type of music in most parts of the country right now.  That's why my prediction is Haley will go home tonight.  Tune in to FOX to watch the hometown visits and see who makes it to the finale.  Josh Turner will be on tonights show and sing with Scotty.

Even the judges admitted America had a tough choice between the final three.  Who do you think will make the finals next week