When Ronnie Dunn started making his first solo album, he wasn't sure he could match the success of Brooks and Dunn.  After hearing the new CD, that will be in stores tomorrow, I have to say, he sounds just as good, if not better. 

Ronnie's first single off the album was "Bleed Red," a song that came to him at the last minute and one of the few he didn't write.  The powerful message and great melody was enough to make Ronnie not only add it to his album but have it be his debut song as a solo artist.  I've always said, go big or go home and Ronnie did just that.  Your votes have put his song into our Top 5 of the week for several weeks now.   His video for the song features his daughter at the beginning.  Check it out.

"Bleed Red" isn't the only soulful song on the album.  "Love Owes Me One" has to be one of my favorites.  Although it's a sad song about walking away from love, it shows Ronnie's vocal talent and makes the hair on my arms stand up.  What a voice!

"I Don't Dance"  has a little more tempo and was co-written by David Lee Murphy.  It's a song about being on the road and having tons of adoring female fans but he still comes home to the woman he's married to and the woman who has stood by his side for the last 18 years.  "Cost of Livin'" pays tribute to the hard working men who make the world go round.  I'm guessing he co-wrote the song awhile ago since one line is "three dollars and change at the pump.  Lately it's been "four dollars and change. 

Ronnie picks up the pace with "Singer in a Cowboy Band" which describes his music career and "Let The Cowboy Rock" which reminds me of "Play Something Country."
If you want a little something different, listen to "How Far to Waco."  If you close your eyes, you'll feel like you're in Spanish country.  It even includes a mariachi band.

If you were wondering if Ronnie Dunn can still make great music without Kix Brooks, you'll be pleasantly surprised.  The album is full or great songs with great lyrics and there's no over production involved.  With a voice like Ronnie's, that's all you need.