Will Farrell's  character "Ron Burgundy" is an egotistical and often ill-informed TV news anchor but that hasn't kept Chrysler from featuring him in a series of ads for Dodge Durango. Take a look at a couple of the hilarious commercials which, by the way, re-introduce the character in advance of the "Anchorman" sequel due out in December.

The ads conceived by Olivier François, Chrysler’s marketing chief were, according to the Seattle Times, highly cost effective to produce.

Paramount Pictures, he said, bartered work on the commercials by Will Ferrell, who plays Burgundy, in exchange for the promotion in the ads of an “Anchorman” sequel that is due out in December.

via Anchor Ron Burgundy turns Chrysler pitchman | Business & Technology | The Seattle Times.

How will the ads play? Only time will tell.


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