A European trip for Rob Lowe and his family went from fun to frightful when they had to be rescued from severe flooding in France. The are they were in saw three months of rain in just four hours.

Lowe posted a photo of the water, and it's A LOT of water, on Instagram. 'This is is right outside the house. Was twice as high at the worst, just before sunrise.'

Lowe also thanked everyone who helped, but it's since been deleted 'My wife being rescued this am (morning) in the horrific flooding in Grasse France. Glad we are safe. Grateful to first responders.'

Lowe's son Johnny posted 'That's the first floor of our house submerged. Scariest hour or so of my life, also sorry for the explicit language. #theboyssurviveaflood' with NSFW video of the raging waters. That amount of water outside my window may make me use explicit language too.

Up to that point, it looked like the family was really enjoying their vacation.

Glad his family is safe and sound thanks to the efforts of first responders.