Polly Wogg calls them Tad Pole moments, medically they're known as Road Rage. Running late for work seems to be what causes the majority of these attacks. A car pulls out in front of you, and you can't even see a head, just 8 knuckles on the steering wheel. Then crazier things seem to compound the frustration. Click for my double whammy today.

It starts with more than your average nut pulling out in front of you. Hey this guy is just trying to get to work too.


Oh yes, lets add good ol' road construction.


I maintained my calm through most of it because I know the secret shortcut. The final straw was so didn't the oversized load guy. I'm sure he was having coffee later in the morning, telling the story of some crazy guy in a van going buckzilla.

What's make you rage the most on the road?