What annoys you most about other drivers? How about tailgating? What about not using a turn signal? Well, the Canadian Automobile Association has compiled a list of some of the most aggravating things drivers do while behind the wheel.

According to the CAA, topping the list as one of the most bothersome driving habit is people who have road rage. Next on the list--cutting people off. These two are pretty annoying, but, how much more annoying can drivers get? Well, the CAA continues.

More irritating driving habits include, texting while driving, tailgating, talking while driving, throwing trash out the window, not using a turn signal and parking too close to others.

I think one of the habits that annoys me the most, although they are all pretty annoying, is when people don't use their turn signals. Also, although this isn't while you drive, but it definitely relates--people who use more than one parking spot in a parking lot.

What aggravates you most about what other drivers do?