A Rhode Island woman is facing felony assault charges after going crazy and attacking a news crew. Melissa Lawrence first threw at rock at the cameraman, then threatened the crew with a baseball bat.  She finally sicced her pit bulls on the ABC6 news reporter Abbey Niezgoda.

The crew was looking to talk with Lawrence about a shooting at her home the night before that injured her daughter.  When they arrived, she went crazy.

The cameraman injured his arm where the rock hit him.  The reporter received a tetanus shot after being bit by one of the dogs.  Animal control even paid a visit to the home, but the dogs were no where to be found.

If that wasn't bad enough, Lawrence even went off in court.  She was heard yelling and seen wearing a bright pink shirt that read 'My attitude is your problem.'  She was released on $50,000 bail but could face prison time.

Classy lady!  What the encounter below.