If you recall last week, Tyler Farr the man behind the song, "Redneck Crazy" started an ongoing video series from his Redneck Ranch.  The debut video featured his list of things that cause him to go Redneck Crazy.  This week we learn how to relieve the craziness with Redneck Therapy.

With the long list of things that make Tyler go Redneck Crazy, "guys who take selfies without a shirt, chiggers, people honking at him in traffic, etc," you can imagine there's a lot of stress in his life.  In the video below he explains how he reliefs it.  Although he suggests while it may make you feel better, it may not be recommended by 9 out of 10 doctors or psychiatrists.

Tyler's debut CD, "Redneck Crazy" hits stores this coming Tuesday 9/30.  Or you can pre-order it now.