Rumors are swirling, American Idol is cleaning house and all four judges are being replaced.  Randy Jackson, the last original Idol judge, announced he is leaving the show. But why fire voted the best judge of all time? He's the only thing keeping the show alive.  Here's our Top 10 reasons Keith Urban should stay on Idol next season with the help of  Yvonne Russman.  Thanks Yvonne, I couldn't agree more.

9. He's Hot


8. Fan Interaction

During commercials, he's the ONLY one in the audience talking to fans, giving autographs and using social media to post the pictures for everyone else to see.

7. He's genuine

His critiques are thoughtful and honest without being nasty. Sometimes he even bows down when it's called for. Which way better than throwing glitter!

6. His Talent

He sang his new song on Ellen while keeping beat on a coffee table. So cool! And he's the only one who has performed on the show.

5. He's Funny

His one liners are classic.  'I feel like a scratching post between two cats.'

4. His Style

He wears normal clothes and looks great in them. Jeans and a new, interesting t-shirt each week. The 'I am the Stig' shirt caused the most talk.

3. Drama Free

He actually TRIES to get along with people. Imagine that. And he's probably the only one who can control Nicki and Mariah in the same room together.

2. He's a Fan

He's the only one who really enjoys himself. He's always moving, grooving and dancing when the contestants sing.

1. Did I mention HE. IS. HOT.