There is nothing wrong with the color pink, and anyone who says different needs to recognize the age old expression, "Real Men Wear Pink."

There are many reasons why Men wear the color pink. Here's a list of reasons:

1. Pink is the color of Breast Cancer awareness and whether your shirt or article of clothing represents that directly, it's always a nice reminder.

2. Pink makes any man's complexion (including mine, not to be vain) look a whole lot better, tanner too!

3. There is no law that says pink is just for woman! Sure "Pink" is a Victoria's Secret line that girls wear on their backsides, but that don't mean guys can't put on a nice pink shirt.

4. Classic Rock group Aerosmith sang a song all about it and lead singer Steve Tyler wears pink lipstick and he's the ultimate babe magnet.

5. Bubba Watson won his first Masters Green Jacket while rocking the pink!

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As I have said previously, Real Men Wear Pink!