Ray Boudreaux is 'Some Kind of Wonderful' and remains on #TeamBlake as the battle rounds continue on 'The Voice.'  Blake Shelton paired Boudreaux and Monika Leigh for the final battle of the night, saving the best for last.

Cee Lo was impressed with Ray saying, 'there's a difference between singing and sanging and you can sang Ray!'  Blake wanted to go home and DVR the performance so he could watch it again, but Adam pointed out 'you don't even have a DVR.' 'Yes I do, you just put the tape in and watch,' Blake replied.  Blake, DVR stands for DIGITAL voice recorder.  You don't need a tape if it's DIGITALLY recorded!

Blake may have choose Ray as the battle winner because trying to get Monika to sing the same way twice 'is like herding cats. That's the type of vocalist she is. She's going to create the moment as it happens.'  Since Cee Lo likes cats, he used one of his steals to pick up Monika for his team.

Monika Leigh & Ray Boudreaux 'Some Kind of Wonderful'

The battle rounds continue next Monday on NBC at 8pm.

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