A lot of country music's popularity comes from the fact most country songs are about real life.  And you don't need any more proof than Rascal Flatts' new song "Changed." It came about through the real life experience of one of it's co-writers.  Rascal Flatt's Gary LeVox tells the story.

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"Changed" was written by Gary LeVoxNeil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley.  A combination that turned out previous Rascal Flatt's hits, "Fast Cars andFreedom" and "I Melt."  The began with Neil Thrasher witnessing his daughter's baptism on the beach at sunset.   

“I got this open line like (singing) “I came up out of the water. Raised my hands up to the Father. I gave it all to him that day. Felt a new wind kiss my face.” I just immediately just….he told me this story first and sang that little piece right there. I just fell apart.

Check out Gary's entire story and the video to the song below.