If you're renting a camp during the Frog Days of  Summer, a rainy day can be a true test of character. I recall as a kid, my family renting a camp for a week in Sylvan Beach, Old Forge and Inlet. It was lots of fun with the swimming, hiking, exploring, boat rides and more, but then we would always be faced with a rainy day. Now what?

Ok, I realize that when I was a kid there were no DVD players, smart phones or Xbox360s, so here are a few suggestions on what to do on that rainy day at camp:

1. Play cards (tried & true)

2. Play Monopoli (make sure you bring the game)

3. Read (we always packed magazines, books and comic books)

4. Play cards (never fails)

5. Go shopping in town

6. Tell ghost stories (ok, I know, that's a throw back)

7. Play cards (sound familiar)?

8. Eat and then eat again

9. Weave boondogles (yes, there is such a thing, makes a nice key chain)

10. Have conversations with one another (how much cards can you play)?