Team Blake is back on stage tonight on 'The Voice.' Blake Shelton will even sing with his Top 4 that includes country girl RaeLynn, Jermaine Paul, Jordis Unga and Erin Willett.  RaeLynn and Erin talked about their time on the show.


RaeLynn's reaction after moving into the quarterfinals was priceless and something she's heard about a lot.  'You know how many times I've heard that honey bun.  I think I've heard it 500 times.'

Raelynn is happy to be on Blake Shelton's team but she's super pumped to be working with her idol, Miranda Lambert.  'Talk about a sweetheart and an amazing person. She is so awesome. If I ever need to ask her anything, she's a phone call away. She just always wants to help me and that means so much to me.'

So what's the best advice Blake & Miranda have given her? 'Stay who I am as an artist.  They tell me I have a really unique sound and that will take me a long way.'

Since her time on the show, RaeLynn has met a number of people of the country music world.  One she'll not soon forgot, backstage at a Blake show.  'Actually, I got to meet Deana Carter. I walked up to her and I'm like hi, I'm RaeLynn.  And she goes hi, I'm Deana Carter.  I'm like what?!  I gave her a hug and then I look at her and grab her face and go you're Deana Carter. It was just really funny.'

After 'The Voice,' RaeLynn has big dreams, including a duet and an introduction to another one of her idols.  'You know I would love to sing with Miranda because she's one of my biggest inspirations, but another artist I would love to meet would be Dolly Parton.'

She's already gained quite the fan base.  A Facebook page has even been set up for her called 'We Want RaeLynn to Win the Voice.'

RaeLynn's team mate Erin Willett is just as excited to be moving into the quarterfinals.  She feels her team shouldn't be counted out just yet.  'I think we're coming in as underdogs.  I think there were some big competition players that came at the beginning of the season.  I think people are kind of surprised by how much were able to bring to the live shows.  It's just insane how much response we've got from a lot of people.'

Erin continues to work with Blake, getting ready for her song.  But it isn't her vocals she needs coaching on. 'He always gives me a bit of confidence.  I think that's been my struggle.  It's been crazy being thrown into this process and not having any expectations and now I'm in the top 4 of my team.  He always reminds me you're worthy of being in this position and there's a reason why you're here.'

Her confidence is up and her song is something a little different from what she's done in the past.  But she won't say what song it is. 'I can't.  I think everybody will be excited.  It's something a little more contemporary that I haven't really done yet. I'm so excited for this performance.  It's going to be a good one.'

Erin and RaeLynn take the stage with Jermiane and Jordis to sing for America's vote.  Christina Auiglera will also join her team on stage for a performance before they each sing their solos.  Tune in to NBC at 8pm for all the action.